Why You Should Never Try To Break In When Locked Out Of Your Car Or Home

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If you lock your keys in your car or house, you may be tempted to break in through a window or try to pick the lock on your car door. This can be a very shortsighted decision and one that makes the situation worse for you. Consider some very good reasons why you should never try to break in when locked out of your car or home.

1. Car windows break very easily.

In the movies a person can break into a car by simply sliding a long flat tool against the window and down to the door latch, but remember that movies are just fiction! Car windows break very easily, especially when you push anything hard and metal against them, and replacing a broken window is often much more expensive than just calling a locksmith. This can also be dangerous for you as broken glass can cause cuts to anyone standing nearby, so you may face a repair bill for your car and a bill from a doctor's office as well!

2. Breaking into your own home causes expensive damage.

If you want to break into your own home when you've been locked out, you may cause some expensive damage there as well. Bending back window screens or trying to jimmy open a window by bending the frame can cause structural damage to that part of your house, which is very costly to repair. You may also find that you damage the window so that it doesn't close and lock behind you, so your home is unsafe until you can call a repair person for the window itself. A better idea is to call a locksmith to let you into your home safely and easily.

3. Trying to pick a lock can damage it permanently.

It is possible to pick a lock with a few simple tools and some know-how, but this can actually damage the lock permanently. If you tried to pick a door lock with a bobby pin or a paperclip and managed to manipulate the tumblers inside so that the lock opens, this could actually damage the tumblers themselves or their alignment so that you can't use the lock again but will need to have it replaced. This too makes your home unsafe until a locksmith can come out and install a new lock—and this repair job can be more expensive than simply calling a locksmith in the first place.

Remember these three reasons why you should never try to break into your own home or car after a lockout. Instead, you should always call for a professional like A.Abbott Locksmiths.


25 November 2014

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