Advantages Of Relying On Ice Makers For Your Cooling Needs


Cooling is a big part of most commercial businesses. This applies to the hospitality sector, manufacturing and processing. The right cooling option for your business can help ease maintenance costs and improve service delivery, placing you a step ahead of the competition. Learn why ice makers are the right products to help you achieve just that.

Get as much ice as you need

Although refrigerators produce ice, it is hardly enough for commercial applications. Ice makers on the other hand are meant to provide bulk amounts of ice. Commercial ice makers can produce up to 500 pounds of ice daily, ensuring that you have all the ice your business needs. This is important for industries that need lots of ice daily. This includes businesses such as restaurants, pubs, clubs, retail stores, medical centers and industrial processors of food products. Producing the needed amounts of ice, and fast, ensures that these businesses provide the needed services to their clientele. It also keeps perishable goods from going bad.

There are no emergencies with ice makers

Unlike electrical refrigeration, ice once processed cannot go bad or stop cooling your products in an instant. Once packaged into coolers, ice can keep your products cold for many hours to come. However, with electricity, your cooling can be disrupted at random, either due to repairs and maintenance or electricity disruption. This makes ice makers better for critical industries such as medical and food processing since you can process your ice and store it. Alternatively, you can have your ice maker as a back-up in case electrical refrigeration fails.

Great for the hospitality sector

With certain businesses such as clubs, restaurants and hotels, clients want to serve their own ice and cool their drinks to their own satisfaction. This makes refrigeration redundant as there is no need to cool drinks twice through refrigeration and ice. Since the customer will opt for ice cooling, it makes more sense to simply have an ice maker and provide that option in the first place. This will improve service delivery and keep customer satisfaction levels high.

Cool only when you need to and save money

For most businesses, cooling is geared towards meeting the customers' needs. However, instead of cooling products such as drinks 24/7, ice makers let you cool these products when you need to serve them to clients. This avoids elongated cooling, saving you hours of electricity consumption. Ice makers will therefore save you on costs as you simply cool your products on-demand instead of all the time.

There are different types of ice makers available to suit every business. They range in capacity and type of ice produced with the option of flakes and ice cubes. Get the right one for your business and stay ahead of the pack. Visit for more information.


26 January 2015

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