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Why Having a New Home Built is Often Better than Buying One

Posted by on Apr 20, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

For those in the market for a new home, having a new home built can be the best choice. Not only can you have a home built that fits your needs and preferences in particular, there are many other advantages to this type of investment. If you’ve never thought about working with homebuilders rather than just buying a home on the market, consider why this is often the better choice. 1. You can choose energy-efficient options Older homes are often notorious for being drafty, and for having materials that are less than energy-efficient. This can include brittle roofing tiles, fiberglass insulation that has shrunken over the years, and thin windows that do nothing to insulate a home. When you have a new home built, you can choose energy-efficient options that save you money and which can also save the...

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4 Key Design Techniques That Modern Home Builders Use to Make Your House Feel Spacious

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Although houses with beautiful rooms are enticing in the eyes of many homeowners, those with spacious rooms inveigle them more. If you feel like you can reach your closet from your bedroom mattress, it is because the bedroom is less spacious. Do you feel your living room is like a shoe box due to the surrounding clutter? Consider below design tricks that home builders use to make a room look more spacious. Placing Better and Bigger Windows Home builders use awesome design to place windows in your house to make the rooms look spacious or smaller. Bigger windows extend the indoors towards the outdoors more creatively and add adequate light to the rooms. Such windows give you a better view of your beautiful landscaping or swimming pools from the inside due to the spacious feeling they create. Also, using...

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