Why Opt for a Roller Door for Your Home's Garage?

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A roller door is not just for commercial facilities and warehouses but is a good choice for residential homes as well. A roller door is made in sections or panels, and these fold up on themselves, so the door then sits in a housing unit above the door frame. This is opposed to the door sliding up a set of tracks and resting on the ceiling of the garage. If your garage needs a new door or you're having a new garage built, note a few reasons why a roller door can be the better choice versus any other type.

Less risk of damage

Why would a roller door have less risk of damage or need less maintenance over the years? One reason is that they don't put the entire weight of the garage door on the tracks, either along the garage door frame or the track on the ceiling of the garage. As the door opens and folds up, this weight is then dispersed into this housing unit. With less weight and less pulling and tugging on the tracks as the door opens and closes, it's less likely that the track will pull away from the garage itself. This can mean reduced risk of the door track coming loose or off-center; in turn, you may need to repair the track less, and the door is less likely to get stuck along uneven tracks.

Easier manual operation

Many homes have an automatic garage door opener today, but you may not want this option for a number of reasons. It may be more expensive than you can afford, or you may be worried about someone using a copycat opener to access your garage. Whatever the reason, a roller door can often be easier to open manually because of the information above; you're not lifting the weight of an entire garage door with a roller door and then having to push the door into the tracks above the garage space. This makes it a better choice for those who want a manually operated door for their garage, without the added risk of physical injury.

Better insulation

A roller door often needs a track on the inside of the door frame to keep it in place. This can mean a more snug fit, for added insulation. Items in your garage, including your car, are then protected from extreme cold or heat from outside. If you have an attached garage, this can also mean less risk of losing heating or air conditioning out the garage door. A more snug fit can also mean reducing noise pollution from outside as well so your home is quieter with an attached garage.

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20 June 2016

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