3 Brainy Tricks To Transform Your Tiny Guest Bathroom Into A Sprawling Haven

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Ever felt embarrassed with the miniature size of your guest bathroom when you have friends or family staying over? You're not the only one. With the soaring rates of real estate in Australia, it's hard finding a big enough bedroom, so a spacious guest bathroom is probably the last thing on your mind. But nifty bathroom renovations can potentially eliminate this space problem for you, especially when you follow these brainy tricks to transform your tiny guest bathroom into a sprawling haven.

Choose A Homogenous Colour Tone To Maintain Continuity

Keep in mind that changes in colour tones or shades create breaks and dividing spaces, which can end up making the bathroom look small and closed up. Choosing a homogenous colour tone to maintain continuity and unbroken flow in the space during bathroom renovations can easily circumvent this problem.  For instance, don't choose light walls and dark tiles or vice versa because this will visually chop up the room and make it look smaller. Instead, blend the wall colour, ceiling colour and tile colour to give the room a continuous and uninterrupted look of spaciousness.

Use Clear, Frameless Glass Screens For Showers

When it comes to building a shower enclosure during guest bathroom renovations, you have the opportunity to choose between clear and textured glass, along with framed and frameless screens based on your personal taste. Keep in mind that textured glass can make the room feel like it has an additional wall. While you're probably able to add privacy, this visual barrier will close up your bathroom. You will get a similar feeling when you choose framed glass screens because of the obstruction created. Instead, use clear and frameless glass screens because this option will eliminate any visual obstructions to create an uninterrupted and larger space. 

Add Floor-To-Ceiling Mirrors To Bring Depth To Small Spaces

Mirrors bring a significant amount of benefits to a tiny bathroom, so you may want to consider this brainy option during bathroom renovations. Mirrors bounce and reflect light to make any room appear brighter and bigger, so you cannot go wrong when you choose floor-to-ceiling options for your guest bathroom. Not only do they add visual depth, but they also infuse a more luxurious bathroom feel. But apart from aesthetic appeal, mirrors also provide functional value for people when they brush teeth or get ready. An expansive mirror outfitted with lights will enhance the impact of spaciousness in your guest bathroom.

If you're planning guest bathroom renovations, consider these brainy tricks to transform a tiny guest bathroom into a sprawling haven.  


15 July 2016

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