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Tips On Choosing The Best Blinds

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Blinds do much more than create privacy, they are also a way to express your personality and creativity, and they can be used to add a glamorous feel to your home. All these qualities make blinds such an important component of the home, and before selecting the right ones for your home, ensure that they blend with your interior and match your practical needs. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision. Limited wall space If your home has got limited wall space, you’d be doing yourself a huge favor by getting roll up blinds. These kinds of blinds let in maximum sunlight by rolling up to the top of your window, and they create maximum space for it too. This will give you the opportunity to utilize the most amount of sunlight in your day,...

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How to fix a leaking frameless shower screen

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Frameless shower screens have gained popularity over the past few years as they blend seamlessly into any bathroom decor and can make bathrooms seem larger by not creating a visual barrier. The joint between the screen walls are less prone to leakage, but unfortunately the door jam can be a common source of leakage. Here is how to fix a leaking frameless shower screen. Give the shower a really good cleaning and remove soap and product building, as well as any other dirt that has built up on the screen. This will help you clearly identify which sections are leaking. Turn on the shower and shut the door quickly. (You may get a little wet doing this!) While the shower is on, feel the seals of the shower walls and door, and mark any damp sections with a small...

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Advantages Of Relying On Ice Makers For Your Cooling Needs

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Cooling is a big part of most commercial businesses. This applies to the hospitality sector, manufacturing and processing. The right cooling option for your business can help ease maintenance costs and improve service delivery, placing you a step ahead of the competition. Learn why ice makers are the right products to help you achieve just that. Get as much ice as you need Although refrigerators produce ice, it is hardly enough for commercial applications. Ice makers on the other hand are meant to provide bulk amounts of ice. Commercial ice makers can produce up to 500 pounds of ice daily, ensuring that you have all the ice your business needs. This is important for industries that need lots of ice daily. This includes businesses such as restaurants, pubs, clubs, retail stores, medical centers and industrial processors of food products....

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How to Prepare for Your First Night after Moving

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Many people spend a lot of time hiring a removal company and forget to prepare for their first night once they get to their new home. This leads to a lot of stress as they spend many hours looking for different items (such as cooking utensils) that they need to use on that first night. This article gives you tips on how to prepare for that first night after the removal company delivers your belongings to your new address. Items to Get the House Ready You need to pack a box or two with items that you know will be needed to get the new home habitable. These items fall into two broad categories so it is advisable that you pack them in separate boxes if possible. The first category is that of cleaning products. You need to have...

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Renovations For Small Bathrooms

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One of the best ways to increase the value of your property and improve its salability is to renovate the bathroom. Particularly if the bathroom is small, modern designs can make it more functional and visually appealing. Here are techniques that will give your tiny bathroom some much-needed sparkle. Fit For A King Visit some bathroom showrooms, collect ideas and then consult your bathroom renovator for expert advice. The following changes will give the illusion of space to your bathroom. Shower screen: Install a see-through frameless or semi-frameless shower screen to increase light and give a walk-in shower effect. Choose a sliding door rather than a pivot door to add space. Sink and toilet fittings: Mount these to the wall so that more floor area is exposed, making your bathroom appear larger. Storage space: Have storage space for bottles,...

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