4 Things a Furniture Removalist Won't Move

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When you're moving house or moving from one office location to another, you typically need the services of a removalist. But as much as removalists can make your move easier, you must be aware that there are certain items that a removalist will not transport. So to make your move more efficient, here are some of the common things on a removalists banned list.

Anything hazardous

In nearly every instance, removalists won't transport any goods or materials that are classified as hazardous. This includes common items such as petrol, solvent, paint thinner, oil, battery fluids, aerosol cans, asbestos and paint cans. Local regulations require that these items be disposed of in a very specific manner, usually by taking them to a designated facility that's government approved. To save yourself time and frustration, get rid of these items prior to the arrival of your removalist.


This may seem strange, but most removalists won't touch any kind of house plants that you have. This is because plants are among the easiest items to damage on a move, and that's too heavy a burden on the insurance coverage that removalist companies carry. You need to move plants on your own and take special care to either pack them in boxes or wrap them in plastic and transport them to your new location.


Many removalists will not transport any kind of antique, whether it's a grandfather clock, baby grand piano or valuable painting. Again, aside from the huge liability issues that arise from the moving of these items, there's the simple fact that antiques can't be replaced.

Save yourself the heartache and worry and move these items yourself. But do yourself a favour and find out if your homeowners insurance policy covers your antiques during transport when you're moving. Some policies only offer coverage during transport, but not when the items are being moved in and out of a location. You may have to purchase an additional rider to have all-inclusive coverage.


Valuable items can cover a wide range of things, but in general, it applies to credit cards, cash, jewellery, birth certificates, passports and safes. Removalists don't want to bear the responsibility of moving any of these items, whether they are boxed up and locked away or not. Instead, tuck them away in your own vehicle and do the job yourself for greater peace of mind.

Keep in contact with removalists such as M.K.T. Removals Pty Ltd and ask them what they are able to move for you and what you will have to deal with on your own.


11 November 2014

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