How to Add Fun and Function to a Space With Bathroom Accessories

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Your bathroom will always need some accessories, including a soap dispenser, wastebasket, towel rods, and the like. You may not give much thought to these pieces, but if you're remodeling or just looking to add some style to the space, you should shop carefully. Drab accessories can make the bathroom itself look drab, and you might miss out on some added storage options if you don't give those pieces some thought, whereas these simple accessories can also add style and make the bathroom look downright fun. Note a few tips when you're ready to shop.

Plan the towel rods and hooks

Rather than just getting one towel rod to go across the wall outside the shower, plan how to set out towel rods and hooks for maximum convenience. Are there four people in your family? Then shop for four hooks and space them out in a square. Do you prefer one towel for your body and one for your face? Get two racks and stagger them, one set slightly higher than the other, for better function and a more attractive look. Consider if you might add extra hooks behind the bathroom door or put one higher up the wall next to the window or in another space to hold bathrobes. Adding new towel rods and hooks allows you to set them out in a way that works for you.

Use metal and glass for dark spaces

If your bathroom is a bit dark and dim, choose metal in a silver tone or glass accessories. The silver metal will reflect light to brighten the space, and glass won't absorb it, as does oil-rubbed bronze or another dark shade. You can then coordinate the metal accessories with silver picture frames you use for mirrors that you might hang like artwork, to add even more light to a darker bath.

Add color

If your bathroom is painted a standard white or another dull color and you don't have the funds to repaint the space or add new, colorful tile, you can bring in that color with your bathroom accessories. Choose a color from your linens to coordinate, or if your towels are also white, opt for a favorite color in your bathroom accessories. Porcelain that is colored a nice blue or even pink can brighten the bathroom, or you might opt for a glass material that is colored a sea foam green, sunny yellow, or even shades of red and orange for some personality in the bath.


11 August 2016

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