Benefits of Timber Look Tiles over Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood floors have been a staple in interior decorating due to the classic finish they offer a residence. Nevertheless, this type of flooring can cost a pretty penny. Additionally, you will be burdened with extensive maintenance measures to ensure your hardwood flooring stays appealing. Neglecting hardwood flooring will result in water damage, warping and more. If you like the rustic appearance of wood but don't want to be saddled with high maintenance flooring, timber look tiles would be right up your alley. Below are some of the benefits that timber look tiles would offer you over hardwood flooring.

Timber look tiles are more durable than hardwood flooring

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage that timber look tiles have over hardwood flooring is their durability. Hardwood floors are notoriously difficult to keep in pristine condition. This is because they can acquire damage from an array of causes including high traffic, exposure to direct sunlight, exposure to moisture and more. This means you would have to ensure the hardwood floors are cleaned, polished and sealed on a relatively regular basis.

Not many people will have the time to undertake these tasks consistently. If you don't have the time or inclination to do so, then timber look tiles would be ideal for you. Since these tiles are made from composite wood materials, they do not need to be handled with kid gloves. They can withstand exposure to moisture, temperature changes and even do well in high traffic areas without acquiring superficial damage.

Timber look tiles are more reasonably priced than hardwood flooring

When some people consider hardwood flooring, they tend to only keep in mind the initial cost of purchasing the wood planks rather than the long-term costs of maintaining this type of flooring. Firstly, hardwood flooring would be more expensive because of the materials they are made from. Secondly, hardwood flooring requires labour intensive installation, which would be costly. Thirdly, hardwood flooring would need a lifetime of maintenance, which would also cost money. Overall, your hardwood flooring will cost you money for the entire time that it is installed in your home.

Timber look tiles are a significantly more economical option. Not only are they made from affordable materials, but also they are relatively easy to install. This means your initial investment will not be exorbitant. Moreover, timber look tiles will not require extra care measures in the form of refinishing and resealing over the years. This will keep the maintenance costs down to virtually nonexistent.


26 October 2016

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