Five Tips to Make Sure Your Pet Door Compliments Your Home Security Efforts

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Before adding a pet door to your home, you should make sure that the door doesn't degrade the safety of your home. There are several tips and ideas that can help you. Take a look at these ideas.

1. Don't let small doors provide access to door knobs.

If you have a small breed of dog, the pet door you use is likely going to be too small for an intruder to pass through. However, you also have to think about limbs. Make sure to position the door in a spot where if an intruder reached through it, he or she could not reach your door knobs or locks. To avoid this risk, you may even want to put the pet door in a wall rather than a human door.

2. Invest in a cover for large pet doors.

If you have a large breed of dog such as a Greater Swiss Mountain dog, a large Munsterlander or any other relatively large dog, you don't just need to worry about someone reaching into the pet door. Rather, you also need to worry about someone crawling through the door. To prevent that, have a lockable cover to put over the door when it is not in use.

3. Consider a pet door with automatic opening and closing features.

A lockable pet door works perfectly when you're on holiday or out of the house with your dog, but it doesn't boost your security when your dog is home alone. In those cases, to prevent anyone else getting access to your home. Look into an automatic pet door. These open and close due to an electronic device on your dog's collar.

4. Position a motion-detector camera over the pet door.

In addition to positioning the door carefully or choosing an automatic door, you may want to look into security accessories as well. For example, a motion-detector camera can help. In particular, if you have a motion-detector camera attached to an app on your smartphone or laptop, you get a notification when the camera senses motion. That allows you to remotely see if the being crawling through your pet door is your treasured pup or an intruder.

5. Connect the pet door to a mudroom or garage without access to the house.

Finally, to ensure your pet door is safe from a home security standpoint, you may want to consider installing the pet door so that it leads to your garage or a mudroom. Then, bolster the security on the door leading from that area to the rest of your house. With this approach, even if someone crawls through your pet door, they cannot get into the rest of your home.

To get more ideas on security and other aspects of pet doors, contact a pet door salesperson.


26 August 2016

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