3 Reasons Why Hiring Professional Removalists Can Actually Save You Money


When it's time to move, you may assume that it will be cheaper for you to handle this yourself if you can find the help of a few strong friends. Renting a truck might seem like a cheaper option for your move, but before you assume this is the best choice, you might consider how hiring professionals can actually save you money in the long run. Consider a few reasons why that might be and why professional removalists such as Chris Watkins Furniture Transport are a good choice for anyone.

1. It's more expensive to move on your own than you may realize

Renting a truck is not the only expense you face when you move. You need to refuel the truck and you may want to get extra insurance coverage for a long distance move. There is also the cost of packing supplies, which are sometimes provided with the services of a removalist. You may also want to rent a dolly to help with larger pieces. If you have friends help, you may also buy them dinner or lunch and some refreshments along the way.

Each of these may be a small cost on its own, but together they add up to a cost that is comparable to or even more expensive than the cost of a professional removalist. Remember that even after paying all these small costs, you still need to do the work of moving! Your time is valuable and hiring a professional can save you time and money versus moving on your own.

2. The cost of replacing even a few of your items can add up

You may not think a professional removalist is worth the cost because your items aren't that expensive to replace if they should get broken, but replacing even inexpensive items can add up. Consider the cost of a new sofa or television or a new computer, and you may see that replacing items damaged in a move far outweighs the cost of hiring a professional to help.

3. A professional removalist will provide insurance against damage

While a professional can offer you the best type of service for moving your goods, they also provide insurance against damage. If something does get broken, you can typically make a claim against their insurance policy and be reimbursed for the cost of your item. This too makes it a better choice than trying to move things on your own, as you would then be responsible for the cost if something were to get damaged or broken.


30 December 2014

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