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One of the best ways to increase the value of your property and improve its salability is to renovate the bathroom. Particularly if the bathroom is small, modern designs can make it more functional and visually appealing. Here are techniques that will give your tiny bathroom some much-needed sparkle.

Fit For A King

Visit some bathroom showrooms, collect ideas and then consult your bathroom renovator for expert advice. The following changes will give the illusion of space to your bathroom.

Shower screen: Install a see-through frameless or semi-frameless shower screen to increase light and give a walk-in shower effect. Choose a sliding door rather than a pivot door to add space.

Sink and toilet fittings: Mount these to the wall so that more floor area is exposed, making your bathroom appear larger.

Storage space: Have storage space for bottles, towels and other bathroom accessories recessed into the walls. Niches in the shower area are especially practical and space-saving. This will remove the need for a bulky bathroom cabinet that greatly reduces the aesthetics of your bathroom. If reframing your walls is too costly or complex, install floating shelves on the wall near your sink. A larger medicine cabinet will also provide more storage.

Light:  A full-length, clear window which looks out onto a private courtyard garden will make your bathroom look spacious. If this is impractical, gain natural light and a sense of space by installing a large window with opaque glass or by installing a skylight.

Door:  Replacing your hinged door with a slider will immediately add an extra metre to your bathroom.

The Grand Scheme

Colours, materials and accessories can make your tiny bathroom look positively palatial. Use these clever tricks to your advantage.

  • A towering, king-sized mirror that sweeps up to the ceiling adds depth. Place a row of lights across the top to enhance the illusion.
  • Using glass jars for storage will ensure that the colours of the room are not broken up.
  •  Keep tiles or paint the same colour throughout the whole bathroom. Choose cheerful, light colours such as pale pink and yellow with a touch of sheen. Transitions such as those between the wall and floor should be as seamless as possible. Tiles should run all the way to the ceiling so that space is not chopped up.

By creating your new minimalist bathroom, you will impress visitors and potential buyers alike. Follow this advice and your bathroom will be a sweeping success. For more information, contact a company such as Choice Bathrooms.


9 January 2015

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