How to Prepare for Your First Night after Moving


Many people spend a lot of time hiring a removal company and forget to prepare for their first night once they get to their new home. This leads to a lot of stress as they spend many hours looking for different items (such as cooking utensils) that they need to use on that first night. This article gives you tips on how to prepare for that first night after the removal company delivers your belongings to your new address.

Items to Get the House Ready

You need to pack a box or two with items that you know will be needed to get the new home habitable. These items fall into two broad categories so it is advisable that you pack them in separate boxes if possible.

The first category is that of cleaning products. You need to have these items close by so that you quickly get to work cleaning the rooms that you will use on that first night, such as the bedrooms and the kitchen. The products for this job include paper towels, all-purpose cleaning agents and a sponge. Feel free to add any other cleaning items that you think are necessary to have in this handy box.

The second category of items that you need to get the house ready for your use is tools. You need not have your entire toolbox for this purpose, as that will defeat the objective of isolating only the essentials that are needed on that first night. Just pick tools like a screwdriver, a wrench, some nails and a hammer to get things like blinds and curtains for privacy up.

Items That Your Family Members Need

Once you have put together the items that you need to get the house ready, turn your attention to what you (and your family members) will need on that first night. These items can also be packed in one or two boxes, depending on how numerous they are. Note that the fewer those items are, the easier it will be for you to use them since the house will be chaotic once all your belongings are offloaded from the removal truck. Pack toilet paper, medicines, bandages and disposable dining items such as disposable plates and cutlery. These will suffice when you have that first meal once you arrive at the new home.

Keep these first night boxes near you during the removal so that they are easy to locate once you arrive at your new home. Talk to the staff of the removal company such as AA Furniture Removals to give you additional advice on what to include in these boxes so that your first night is stress-free.


15 January 2015

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