Tips From the Decorating Pros for Choosing and Hanging New Curtains

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Choosing new curtains for a room can be more of a challenge than most homeowners realize, since curtains that are too large and too bold can overwhelm a space, whereas curtains that are too small or bland can easily blend into the wall and seem dull. Along with choosing a size and pattern, how you hang the curtains can also affect the overall look of the space. Note a few tips from decorating pros that will help you to find and hang new curtains in any room.

1. Stay Proportionate When It Comes to Size

You may love the look of voluminous curtains but if your room is small, stick to simple curtain panels. These are rectangular and thinner and won't take up so much space, and won't overwhelm the room. One the other hand, for very large rooms, you want to choose curtains that are bolder and larger. Smaller curtain panels in large rooms can seem like an afterthought and may simply blend into the wall. Stay proportionate when it comes to the size of your room rather than choosing curtains whose look and size you like, and they'll seem more fitting.

2. Choosing Pattern Versus Solid Materials

Whether or not you should choose patterns versus solid materials for your curtains will depend on your furniture. If you have upholstered furniture in any type of pattern, it's good to choose solid materials for your curtains so they don't clash. However, if you have leather furniture or your furniture upholstery is not patterned, opt for curtains with a strong design. This will give your room some eye-catching appeal and you won't find that the solid material of your curtains clashes with the solid material of your sofa.

3. How to Hang the Curtains

When hanging curtains, homeowners often make the mistake of aligning the curtains with the frame of the window. This is actually not how professional decorator hang curtains, as they often hang them much higher and wider than the windows themselves. This is to make the windows actually seem larger than they are; when you hang curtains higher up on the wall, this draws the eyes up so that the windows seem taller.

Hanging curtains wider than the window frame can also make the windows seem wider. This too ensures the curtains don't interfere with the windows themselves when they're opened; if you hang them in line with the window frame, they will still block out some of the window when fully opened. Hang your curtains higher and wider than your windows for maximum visual appeal. For more information, contact Miraje Home Decor & Soft Furnishings.


24 March 2015

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