4 Key Design Techniques That Modern Home Builders Use to Make Your House Feel Spacious

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Although houses with beautiful rooms are enticing in the eyes of many homeowners, those with spacious rooms inveigle them more. If you feel like you can reach your closet from your bedroom mattress, it is because the bedroom is less spacious. Do you feel your living room is like a shoe box due to the surrounding clutter? Consider below design tricks that home builders use to make a room look more spacious.

Placing Better and Bigger Windows

Home builders use awesome design to place windows in your house to make the rooms look spacious or smaller. Bigger windows extend the indoors towards the outdoors more creatively and add adequate light to the rooms. Such windows give you a better view of your beautiful landscaping or swimming pools from the inside due to the spacious feeling they create. Also, using sliding glass doors with three-panel design will make your rooms look more spacious.

Bonus Rooms

Did you know that several rooms in your house that you rarely use do not make your house look spacious? Professional builders will help you change the narrow and dark traditional hallways, living room and dining room into useful rooms that will make your house look and feel spacious. The builders will design a retreat room off your bedroom, which you can use as a sitting area, TV room, office space or a workout facility.

Moreover, the builders will design a planning centre room off your kitchen where you can drop your pay bills, keys, personal belongings and organize family meals. An everyday entry room off your garage could be another bonus room with enough space to keep your hats, coats, shoes, socks, belts, backpacks and bags you use to carry your game's kit.


Your new home will feel spacious when the interior spaces such as the dining area, kitchen and family room connect to each other without wall interruptions. Any room will extend a unique feeling of spaciousness once its interior connects perfectly to the exterior.

According to most professional home builders, you should use the same building materials for floors, ceilings and walls to make the room feel and look spacious. This does not only make small footprint look and feel bigger, but also gives a big footprint an exceptional luxurious feeling.

By following these home design tricks, you can turn your seemingly cubicle-sized rooms into spacious as well as luxurious rooms. Consider consulting a professional home builder for advice on design tricks that will best suit your house.


7 April 2015

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