Why Having a New Home Built is Often Better than Buying One

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For those in the market for a new home, having a new home built can be the best choice. Not only can you have a home built that fits your needs and preferences in particular, there are many other advantages to this type of investment. If you've never thought about working with homebuilders rather than just buying a home on the market, consider why this is often the better choice.

1. You can choose energy-efficient options

Older homes are often notorious for being drafty, and for having materials that are less than energy-efficient. This can include brittle roofing tiles, fiberglass insulation that has shrunken over the years, and thin windows that do nothing to insulate a home. When you have a new home built, you can choose energy-efficient options that save you money and which can also save the environment. Remember that the more electricity you use, the more pollution that's created by power plants, so saving on your utilities also means saving the environment.

Some choices for energy-efficient options for a new home might include a metal roof and blown foam insulation. You might also include double-glazed windows, low-flow toilets and urinals that use less water each time they're flushed, zone thermostats that allow you to heat and cool certain areas of your home at one time, and tankless water heaters. All of these choices are easier to include with a new home build than to have installed in an older home, and they can save the environment and save you money on your utilities.

2. You won't face major repairs or replacement for years

Unless the home you consider buying has had a new roof installed, along with recent repair or replacement of major parts of the house, you will probably face repair bills not long after you buy the home. With a new home, you are much less likely to face major repair bills or need replacement for expensive items in your home within the first few years. Your new roof, foundation, appliances, flooring, and other parts of your home will be in good repair for several years when they're brand new.

This is an important consideration because many new homeowners may deplete their savings for their down payment, so when faced with these repairs they may need to go into debt to pay for them. Having a home that is in good repair for many years while you build up your savings again can be the best option for those in the market for a new home.

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20 April 2015

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