What You Can Do To Improve The Cooling Effect Of Your Split System AC

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A split system air conditioning unit is one that does not rely on ducts to move conditioned air from one point to another. Instead, the split system has only two parts: an external unit made up of the compressor and a grill-like part that is placed inside the room. Read on to find out what you can do if your split system AC is not cooling your room as you would want it to.

Change The Operating Mode Of The Unit

Many split system units come with the option of making the unit work in a super quiet mode. When you engage that function, the fan slows down tremendously so that the unit emits minimal sound as it works. The effect of this quiet operation is that your unit will not cool the room effectively since air is moving through the fan at a very slow pace. You can improve the cooling effect by disengaging the super quiet function (or its equivalent, depending on the options given by the manufacturer).

Check Your Window Coverings

It is possible that there is very little cooling taking place because there is too much sunlight streaming into the room from outside. When that happens, the AC may be overwhelmed by the heat coming in from outside. The best thing you can do is to check your window coverings (blinds, for example) and ensure that they are all closed. Close the windows too. This will reduce how much heat is coming in from outside so the split system air conditioning unit will get a chance to cool the room effectively.

Clean The AC Grilles

Split systems ACs have intake and outlet grilles. Those grilles filter all the air before it gets into your occupied space (room). Those grilles may be clogged with debris if it has been a long time since you last cleaned them. You can confirm this by inspecting them and if you see that they contain a lot of dirt, take them down and clean them. They are easy to free from their mounts with the help of a screwdriver. Clean them outside because the dust generated may mess up your home, necessitating additional cleaning. You will later notice that your room will be cooler after you have returned the now clean grilles to their place.

If you try the measures above but your room remains warm, call an air conditioning technician to check your unit for more technical defects.


22 May 2015

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