3 Surprising Tips for Increasing Home Security

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Increasing your home security can mean an alarm system and thick deadbolts on all the doors; these are the best ways to deter thieves and alert you to an intruder. Outside lights on motion detectors can also scare away trespassers. While these are popular choices, there are many other ways to increase your home's security and to secure your valuables.

Note a few surprising tips you might consider using around your home and property:

1. Hide things better

Contrary to what you might assume or may see in movies, thieves rarely linger in a home when they break in. They know that homes may have a silent alarm or that neighbors may have called the police, so an intruder usually likes to grab what things they can get to easily, and get out in just a few minutes.

To protect your valuables, hide them so that they cannot be easily found. Thieves know to look in bottom dresser drawers and bedroom closets as well as freezers, so don't hide your cash and jewelry in those places. Instead, invest in a good floor or wall safe.

Since most thieves are not actually safecrackers, and since safes are usually too heavy to simply be carted away, this can keep your most valuable possessions secure even if your home does suffer a break-in.

2. Install bogus cameras if you cannot afford the real thing

If you cannot afford a real security system for your home, you can give potential thieves the appearance of having this system with bogus cameras. These are pieces that look just like cameras and which have a red light over the lens, just as you would expect from a real camera. These are not actually hooked up to anything or record anything, but a potential intruder may not know the difference. In turn, a thief might assume your home has a security system and move on to another target.

3. Have your home checked for security weaknesses

Your home can be given a quick security audit, to find potential weak spots when it comes to your locks, alarms, and other security features. It can be noted if you need upgraded locks on the windows or if the deadbolts on your doors are weak and inefficient.

Remember that a locksmith can help you with all the suggestions mentioned above; they can install a home safe and any type of security system, and perform a security audit as well. To improve your home's security, call a locksmith to ask about the services they might suggest for your home.

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1 July 2015

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