Cheap ways to redo your kitchen floors

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The kitchen floor is one of the major parts of the home that receives intense traffic. Additionally, they withstand a lot of abuse too. Hot water spills and cooked food stains may cause the floor to lose the lustre it had when new and make it look quite cloudy. So what do you do on this scenario? It's simple: Give the floor a resurfacing and the makeover will be much cheaper than installing a new floor.


A coat of paint does wonders to an existing damaged floor. It can make the floor's material have a totally new look and this works on a variety of covers including wood, vinyl and linoleum. However, before you begin your paint job, ensure you do enough sanding. Doing this will make the paint strongly adhere to the surface longer.

If you've got any cracks present, apply some wood filler and plastic putty to the cracks before the paint coat. Once you are done, apply polyurethane to give the paint a protective coat and more durability.

Floor cloths

This is another cheap way to give your kitchen a new look without having to tear up the whole floor. A canvas cloth can be a good option, and you can decide to paint some patterns on it to add to the decor. Latex and acrylic paints can create really good patterns, and to prevent faster wear and tear, give it a clean coat of polyurethane.

The end result would be a new floor that looks clean and fresh. Additionally, doing this protects your floor against further spills and dirt.

Refinishing the floor

For a wooden floor, you could decide to refinish it again, and the best part is that you've got options. You can go for the fashionably old, artistic look or do a complete refinish to give it a new look.

For a fashionable old look, the goal is to bring a distressed look that is artistic. Start by sanding away the rough areas and once you're done, fill up any large holes that may be present with enough putty. You can then decide to hit the floor with a hammer and form light dents on it. In the end, add a bit of dark paint on the dents to create an aged look.

For a newer look, simply sand away the rough areas and then add coats of varnish. You can then finish it up by a layer or two of polyurethane for protection.

Work with a business like Super Resurfacing to determine what type of resurfacing can be done to improve the look of your kitchen.


6 July 2015

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