5 Self-Storage Mistakes to Avoid

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Whether you're in the middle of a move or storing your belongings while you're away from home, a self-storage unit is a convenient way to keep your belongings safe. But using a self-storage unit is more than just putting your things in an oversized cupboard. Make some of these simple mistakes and you could find your storage experience more frustrating than convenient:

Using newspaper

Newspaper seems like a handy material for packing fragile objects, but it can hurt more than it helps. Newspaper ink rubs off easily and can stain cloth or paper; use bubble wrap, foam pellets, tissue paper or brown paper as your packing material instead. 

Overpacking boxes

You only have a certain amount of space in your storage unit, and cramming as much as you can into your boxes can seem like the way to get the most out of your space. But overloaded boxes make for difficult moving; they can split, spilling your goods, and removal companies may even refuse to take boxes that weigh too much. When packing heavy items like books, mix in lighter items so that you use up the available space without making your storage boxes too difficult to carry. 

Going to the wall

You'll want some room to move in your storage unit, but don't push your boxes and other stored items all the way to the wall to create it. Leave a little clearance behind boxes, furniture and other items. This improves air circulation and helps to minimise the threat of damp or odours. If you can, raise cardboard boxes off the floor on wood pallets or shelves; this may not always be possible, but a little ground clearance can also help with air circulation. 

Leaving furniture uncovered

Sunlight fading isn't a huge concern in most storage units, but covering your furniture with canvas or plastic covers can still protect it from dust or accidental damage. Be sure only to choose breathable covers, though; without some air getting out, you run the risk of condensation building up on the inside of the cover and potentially causing even worse damage. 

Forgetting the insurance

Check with your storage provider about the insurance you need for your items; most storage centres will require you to carry your own. Similarly, check your existing insurance cover to see whether your belongings are covered while they're in storage. You may already be covered, but if you're not you'll want to make sure you're insured against any damage that might occur in storage.

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23 July 2015

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