Five Essential Furniture Items You Need to Hire When Staging a Home

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Staged homes, in many cases, seem to sell faster and for higher prices than their unstaged competition, but if you are hiring furniture to stage a home, you have to choose your items carefully so you stay under budget. If you want to make the biggest impression on prospective buyers, focus on these essential pieces:

1. A Living Room Set

The living room is one of the first rooms in the house that prospective buyers see. You want them to imagine relaxing in and enjoying this space, and a living room set will help to set that scene. It also helps them to see how their own furniture will fit in the space.

When deciding which elements of a living room set you want, remember not to overcrowd the room, and arrange the furniture so it emphasises the room's natural features. For example, don't block the fireplace with your sofa. Rather, place it parallel with the fire place.

2. Kitchen Table

Kitchens are considered the most important part of a home, and if you have a small kitchen, do not leave it empty. If it is empty and looks small, buyers will think they cannot eat in the kitchen, but if you put a small kitchen table or a bar height table with stools in the area, it makes it easier for them to visualise the eat-in potential of the kitchen.

3. Dining Table

If the home has a dining room, skip the kitchen table and hire furniture for the dining room. Choose a dining table that echoes the shape of the room and helps to show off its size. If your budget allows, add accessory furnishings such as a buffet or a China hutch to create a look of elegance and class. Remember, you want the buyer to wish they lived there.

4. Bedroom Set

Bedrooms are extremely important when you are trying to sell a house. However, most buyers can easily imagine what their kids' furnishings will look like in an empty bedroom or how they could convert a guest bedroom into a home office.

Where you need to use hired furniture to help their imagination is in the master bedroom. If you can convince the buyer that at the end of the day, their home will feel like an oasis, they will be more likely to buy the home.

To that end, considering hiring a bed with bed frame, side tables and chests of drawers for the master bedroom of the home you are staging.

5. Accessories

Whether you stage the entire home or just a single room, do not forget the power of accessories to turn heads and interest buyers. If possible, hire vases and buy flowers, and also hire throw pillows and art. Those extra flourishes may be just what your property needs to sell.

Ideally, you should look for accessories that repeat a rhythm in the space or ones that complement the colour scheme of the entire home. Keep these tips in mind as you contact a local furniture hire company. 



31 July 2015

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