Buying a Custom Designed Home versus a Home on the Market

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Buying a home that's already on the market may seem like the easiest and even cheapest thing to do when you're ready to move, but in truth, it can be a much better choice to have a home custom designed for you. An architect or someone that provides drafting services can work with you to create the home of your dreams, but can also offer many other advantages over buying a home on the market. Note a few reasons to consider a custom designed home versus buying one.

1. Newer building codes

Homes on the market may not live up to modern building codes, and because of this, they may require extensive renovation or upgrades that could easily make them more expensive than the cost of a new home. As an example, today outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms are required to have a secondary ground fault interrupter to protect you from electrical surges. If these are not installed in an older home, or if there are other issues that mean the house is not up to current codes, the home may not pass inspection. Your buying process may be held up, or you may need to invest money in upgrades that could be done automatically as part of the new home design process.

2. Custom features

Custom features added to a new home design may include things that are for your enjoyment only, such as a home theater or outdoor kitchen, but they can also be features that make your life easier and even safer. For example, if you have mobility issues, it might be more affordable to have an indoor inclinator included in your new home design than it would be to have one installed in an older home. A person in a wheelchair may need wider doorways and a particular layout in the bathroom to make access easier on them. A custom home might include a mother-in-law suite for an elderly parent. Again, these features may be very expensive to add to an older home already on the market but can be included in a new home design.

3. Energy efficiency

A new home that you have designed or drafted for you might include a metal roof which often insulates a home better than asphalt tiles, solar panels for the entire home or for the hot water heater, low flow toilets and even urinals, low pressure showerheads and faucets, double and triple glazed windows and other such energy-saving features. This can mean paying less on utilities over the life of your home, which can also offset any added costs of having a home designed for you rather than buying an older home.

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27 August 2015

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