Swimming Pools | 3 Inspired Tips To Design Your Home's Swimming Pool

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The idea of a swimming pool in a backyard is a dream most homeowners share. If you're one of the lucky few that can turn your dream into a reality, then you've got your work cut out for you to install the best swimming pool you can afford. When planning swimming pools, you'll need to consider everything from size and material to design and depth. This inspired guide is aimed to help you in your endeavour to design your home's swimming pool.

Choose the Shape of Your Pool Based on Your Personal Preferences

Once you've selected between concrete and fibreglass swimming pools, you'll need to consider the shape of the pool. While the size of the pool will depend on the space you have available, you can afford to be more flexible with the shape to suit your personal style. If you don't like the idea of sharp edges, then oval, figure-eight and round-shaped swimming pools would suit your home perfectly. If you enjoy the idea of a conventional pool, then square or rectangular shaped pools would work well. You can even customise the shape with a pool designer or builder to install a pool form that's unique to your home. 

Add Visual Enhancements to Create a Delightful Oasis

Small visual enhancements won't cost you much and will add to the beauty of the swimming pool in your home. These decorative features can make swimming pools feel like relaxed havens, giving you a lovely backdrop for added relaxation. You can add aesthetic features like waterfalls, fountain bubblers, deck jets, in-pool coloured LED lights, tiny fire pits and attached hot tubs for elevating the look of your swimming pool and backyard. If you have small children, a small waterslide is an excellent attraction to let them splash around in the pool.

Consider the Type of Pool Decking You Want to Install

Besides the shape and visual enhancements, you'll also want to consider the decking around the pool. If you have a patio that overlooks the pool area, you may want to choose similar materials and shades for a uniform look to your backyard. You can also choose decking materials to blend into the exterior décor of your home. For example, wooden pool decks go well with traditional-styled homes with wood exteriors. Decking made of pavers, poured concrete, decorative concrete and stone are good choices for conventional and modern homes.

Swimming pools bring tremendous aesthetic value to any home –– use these inspired tips when planning the design elements of the swimming pool in your home. 


9 October 2015

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