Built-in Wardrobes | 3 Golden Rules For Choosing Between Hinged and Sliding Wardrobe Doors

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Built-in wardrobes are vital bedroom applications because they serve as storage rooms without cluttering your bedroom floors. These built-in wardrobes will hide your clothes, accessories, ties, bags, bed linen and all other items that you can fit into them. If you have an open bedroom wardrobe and plan to install doors, you will need to decide between hinged and sliding doors. Understanding the basic differences between the two types will help you make a decision that works best for your bedroom. Here are some golden rules for choosing between hinged and sliding doors.

Understand Basic Functionality

Both sliding and hinged doors work on different principles. As the name suggests, sliding doors are set on a bottom track and are slid sideways for opening and shutting. Hinged doors are set on pivots connected to the wardrobe frame, and follow a frontal opening and shutting mechanism. Both types of doors will open and shut by using their own mechanisms. Once you've understood the basic functionality of these doors, you will be in a better position to decide what's best for your built-in wardrobes

Think About the Space You Have Available

Choosing between sliding and hinged doors for built-in wardrobes will rely heavily on the space available in your bedroom. Before making a decision, you will need to measure the space around your wardrobe to establish whether hinged doors are possible for your wardrobe. The last thing you will want is to settle on hinged doors, only to realise that they open out too much and end up blocking some other element in your bedroom. If you choose sliding doors, you need to be sure that there is enough space between the hanging clothes and doors to ensure that your items don't get damaged as you slide them open. If you have less space inside your wardrobe, but have no limitation to the space, then hinged doors are the perfect choice. If you have ample space inside your wardrobe with limited outer space, then sliding doors are a good choice for your built-in wardrobes.

Consider Your Personal Style

If you have ample space inside and outside your wardrobe, then the final decision will boil down to your personal taste and preferences. For example, if your bedroom is infused with traditional-styled décor, then classic hinged doors may be better suited to your taste. If you enjoy the idea of sleek, modern styles, then sliding doors will be a good choice for you. You can also decide whether you're looking for a standard door or something more ornate, depending on your personal taste.

Use these golden rules when deciding between hinged and sliding doors for your built-in wardrobes.


30 October 2015

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