5 things you should inspect every year to keep your lawn mower in top condition

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Your lawn mower might be one of the machines that you use the most out of all of the machines and appliances that you use in your home, at least during summer. If frequent use is paired with poor maintenance, this could seriously damage your lawn mower and shorten its life length significantly. To make sure you keep your lawn mower in good condition, there are a few things you should consider doing every year before the lawn mowing season begins.

1.Empty and refill the fuel

At the end of every mowing season, you should make sure to drain all old fuel out of the lawn mower. Old fuel left in the tank is one of the main reasons to why your lawn mower stops working or doesn't start. Fill up your empty fuel tank every year before the mowing season starts as a first thing before performing all other types of maintenance.

2.Check the oil

Check the oil level in your lawn mower every year and fill it up if it's not enough oil. You should also check the oil for floating dirt or debris that might have gotten into the oil tank during last season or while it has been standing in your garage. Another thing you should take notice of is the colour of the oil. If it's too dark, it might have gone bad and you should empty it out and refill it.

3.Change the spark plug

A clean spark plug is essential to make your lawn mower work properly, as it is the key element for being able to start the lawn mower without too much effort. When you're installing the new spark plug, be careful so that you don't tighten it too hard, as this might cause the starting mechanism to malfunction. Follow your lawn mower's manual to find out which type of plug fits it best.

4.Check the filter

If the filter is too dirty, or if it's clogged, then your lawn mower won't use fuel as efficiently as it is supposed to. Your filter might not need changing every year, but if it is dirty when you do your annual inspection, then a good practice is to change it to optimise your lawn mowers fuel efficiency.

5.Sharpen the blades

This is also something that you might not need to do every year, but you should make sure to inspect the blades every year to ensure that they don't need sharpening. You can use a paper to drag along the blade to inspect the sharpness of the blades. Don't use your fingers. If they do need sharpening, this should be done in a shop like Cox Mowers.


30 November 2015

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