Looking Beyond the Energy-Efficiency of Using Double-glazed Windows: 3 Other Essential Benefits

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The main consideration behind the design of double-glazed windows is to improve energy-efficient in homes. That's why these window units have an extra layer of glass to provide insulation against the cold weather outside and keep your home warmer, especially during winter. Likewise, the insulation will protect your home against high temperatures outdoors by absorbing some of the solar heat burning through your windows during those excruciatingly hot, summer days. Besides associated energy-efficiency, double-glazed windows provide other essential benefits as well, including:

Noise reduction

Do you want to keep your home quieter and more peaceful despite not having any say on noises coming from outside? Equipped with two layers of glass, double-glazed windows will dilute noise coming into your home from outside, dramatically reducing noise pollution and maintaining a quieter indoor environment. Noise reduction will vary depending on the type of double-glazing chosen. Laminated glass, for instance, can decrease noise levels significantly when used as part of your double-glazed window. With a large cushioning air cavity existing between the two pieces of glasses, the window unit can considerably reduce disturbing noises originating from an aircraft flying above your roof, large crane trucks humming at a construction site adjacent to your home or a nosy neighbour interfering with your peace by playing his music too loud. 

Increased security and privacy

When the same type of glass is used and all other things are held constant, double-glazed windows will be tougher and are more difficult to break than single-glazed units. Apart from requiring more effort to break the both layers of glass, the shards in double-glazed windows usually stay put even when tampered with to guarantee improved security. This security feature can be further improved by choosing window units with toughened glass.

Since they come with a tighter sealing as compared with their single-glazed counterparts, double-glazed window units are tougher to force open from the exteriors. If the glazing is tinted, it will be difficult for criminal elements to see inside your double-glass windows, and this will discourage them from trying to gain unlawful entry inside.

Reduced UV damage

UV rays from the sun can cause your drapes, curtains, carpet and furniture finishes, and many more household items to fade or lose colour. By using double-glazed windows, you can considerably reduce the amount of UV radiation that enters your home. This will, in turn, reduce the need for window blinds, thermal drapes, and awnings, which can obstruct your view of the outdoor environment.

For more information about the various benefits of double glazing on your windows, contact a local window installation company. 


7 December 2015

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