Creating the ideal bathroom for an aging homeowner

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While assisted living is an excellent option for elderly Australians who require a little extra help, many elderly people are happier living in their own home for as long as they can. If you're an aging homeowner, you may be making small changes to your home now to help you maintain your independence and mobility around the home.


If you're unsteady on your feet, having a bath or shower can be a worrisome daily task, with the constant fear of slipping over. This fear is not unfounded, with fall-related injuries being one of the leading causes of death in older Australians. By installing some bath or shower aids in your bathroom, you can restore that sense of security and once again bathe with confidence.

Even a simple grab bar in the shower recess or next to the bath will provide you with a little assistance while entering and exiting. To give your legs a break, consider purchasing a shower or bath chair, allowing you to bathe in comfort and safety. Selecting suitable bath aids will depend on your personal health and mobility, so contact your local bathroom supplies professional to discuss products that will suit your needs.


Toilet safety is particularly important in preventing falls, but also for maintaining your confidence as an independent elderly person. Installing a specially-designed toilet for older persons can mitigate many concerns older Australians have about toileting, with a higher seat and convenient grab bars helping to restore the user's self-reliance. Alternatively, you may wish to purchase a toilet seat riser with removable arms, a toilet safety frame, or even just install some wall-mounted grab bars for a little extra support while getting back on your feet.


Reducing the risks associated with falls in the bathroom means addressing the need for adequate flooring in your wet areas. Good quality non-slip bathroom mats are a cost-effective and quick solution, however it is important to ensure they do not curl at the corners or edges as they then become tripping hazards. Alternatively, if you have hard-impact, slippery flooring such as ceramic or natural stone, consider reflooring your bathroom with a low-impact flooring solution such as linoleum, vinyl or rubber.

 Discuss the range of contemporary bathroom solutions designed to keep you safe and comfortable as you age with your local trusted bathroom supplies specialist. Don't forget to discuss the pros and cons of each product.


19 February 2016

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