3 Troubleshooting Tips for Garage Roller Doors

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Roller doors for a garage can be a great choice for any home; the housing unit over the door means that the garage door itself won't block the roof of the garage, allowing this to be used for added storage. While most roller doors can go years without needing repairs, note a few troubleshooting tips you might keep in mind if yours should ever have problems. You may be able to fix the door on your own or know what to expect by way of a repair bill if you should need to call a repairperson.

1. The door won't go up

If a roller door will lower but won't go up all the way, and you've checked to ensure there is no blockage along the track, it may be that there is a blockage in the housing unit where the door folds up and is stored. Because you cannot see inside the housing unit, you may not realize that there is an obstruction. You can try to open the face of the unit and note if there is something on the track that stops the door from folding up as it enters the unit, or note if the track itself is bent inside the housing unit. Correcting this or removing the obstruction can allow the door to move freely.

2. The door opens and closes repeatedly

If you're trying to close your roller door and it doesn't close all the way but folds back up into the housing unit and then tries to close again and repeats this cycle, it's probably a sensor along the tracks. If two sensors on opposite tracks do not line up, they will assume something is in the way and the door won't close completely. Rather than just stopping, the door's system may be malfunctioning by telling it to keep trying to close. Check the sensors and note if something is blocking them or if there is light interference or another reason why they may be reading an obstruction in the way of the door.

3. The door rattles as it opens and closes

Because roller doors are designed in panels that fold up on itself, it may be more prone to rattling than a standard garage door made with one solid piece of metal or wood. You might note if your door could use an upgrade itself; you could replace it with a door that has an interior foam panel with another metal sheet behind it. The foam keeps the door more stable as it opens and closes and can reduce the rattling you hear.

For assistance with roller repairs, talk to a professional.


29 March 2016

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