Winter Wear | 3 Steps To Pack Your Woollen Sweaters For Storage

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If you have a small home with minimal storage options, then hiring a self-storage unit may be ideal for seasonal items like summer and winter clothes, blankets and jackets. But when storing any item, you'll naturally want to pack it in the best way possible to protect it from damage. Follow these steps in your quest to pack your woollen sweaters for storage.

Clean Your Woollen Sweaters

Before placing your woollen sweaters in the self-storage unit, be sure to wash or dry clean them. Any dirt or dust that remains embedded in the woollen material can cause mildew and mould to form over time. This will damage your woollens, and you may not be able to use them again. Check the label on the back of each sweater to establish whether it can be washed in a machine or whether it needs to be dry cleaned. Some woollen sweaters can be washed in a machine, but with cold water only. Be sure to follow the washing instructions to prevent your woollens from shrinking.

Wrap In Breathable Fabric

Once your woollen sweaters are washed and dried, you will need to wrap them in a protective covering before placing them in the self-storage unit. Wrapping them in breathable fabric is ideal to prevent moisture from damaging them. Cloth covers are best suited for this wrapping task because they allow the woollen materials to breathe through them. Avoid using plastic bags and covers because they tend to trap moisture inside, which will then cause mould and mildew to form on your winter sweaters. Excessive mould will render these woollen sweaters unusable. Avoid using coloured fabric covers because excessive moisture inside the self-storage unit may cause colour to run from the cover onto your sweaters.  

Stack In A Cardboard Box

Once you place your sweaters in breathable fabric, stack them in a cardboard box and shut it. Don't over pack the box because you need to give your woollen sweaters enough space to breathe. If one box isn't enough, use another to stack the rest of your sweaters. Avoid placing the box near walls and floors because these spaces attract more moisture than other areas. Instead, place the box on top of a table and label it. This way you will know exactly what is in the box when winter arrives once again.  

Your woollen sweaters are typically used only in winters, so follow these smart steps to place them in a self-storage unit when they are not needed during other months of the year. 


29 June 2016

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