4 Ideal Flooring Materials When Building Your Personal Patio Space

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If you're in the market to build an alfresco patio space, then you need to consider several components, including the flooring materials. You'll naturally want floor materials that resonate with the existing look of your home, while offering you a comfortable experience underfoot. Your patio floor choices should ideally be weather resistant to avoid buckling or cracking in winters. Here are some ideal flooring materials when working with patio builders to create your personal alfresco space.


Concrete paving on patio floors is a long lasting and permanent solution, making this an excellent material when you don't like the idea of making changes too often. Patio builders are best equipped to do a professional installation job because this material requires precision for a level and even finish. Concrete patio floors that aren't properly installed run the risk of buckling and cracking over time. If you get tired of it after a few years, this concrete paving can provide a foundation for tile or brick setting. Concrete is also a popular choice for other outdoor spaces like a driveway, backyard and carport. 


Brick-finished patio floors provide a non-glare surface that blends in well with almost every outdoor façade imaginable. Apart from their traditional reddish brown appearance, bricks come in different colour combinations, textures and shapes to choose from. If you've decided to go with this, make sure your patio builders are equipped to provide an even surface.


Flagstones are flat-stone slabs of either sandstone or limestone and are popular flooring choices for patios and other outdoor spaces. Flagstone is often considered a more attractive flooring material than concrete because it can be arranged in a variety of patterns, shades and colours based on your personal preferences and outdoor colour scheme. The irregular shapes and patterns have the ability to add decorative texture to your entire patio space.


Patio decks are often made of treated wood because this material is weather and slip resistant. Wood decks are durable, lightweight and easy to install, making them a good choice when you want a quick-installation patio flooring solution. Wood decks don't retain heat in the same way that other flooring materials do, so you can walk around barefoot without feeling much of the sun's heat. But wood patio decks have to be maintained periodically to protect them from mildew, fungus and rust stains.

When working with your patio builders to build an alfresco space, consider these ideal flooring materials and apply your own personal touch to create a unique space.


15 July 2016

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