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Solar water heaters offer an environmentally friendly and economically effective alternative to heating water in the home. On cloudy days, though, the average solar panels do not work as efficiently as they do on sunny days and the amount, or temperature, of hot water in your home will be affected. Do not worry about the occasional cloudy day If there is an occasional cloudy day following some sunny days, there will be enough residual solar radiation present in the atmosphere to heat the water in your solar heater.

26 April 2016

3 Troubleshooting Tips for Garage Roller Doors

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Roller doors for a garage can be a great choice for any home; the housing unit over the door means that the garage door itself won't block the roof of the garage, allowing this to be used for added storage. While most roller doors can go years without needing repairs, note a few troubleshooting tips you might keep in mind if yours should ever have problems. You may be able to fix the door on your own or know what to expect by way of a repair bill if you should need to call a repairperson.

29 March 2016

Carpet Cleaning | 3 Steps To Get The Smell Of Dog Urine Out Of Your Carpet

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Pet dogs are delights for most owners, but they also come with a few inevitable mishaps. Despite house training dogs, accidents are bound to happen because your furry friends can occasionally slip up on your well-maintained carpets. Dog urine contains a pungent ammonia odour that can engulf your entire home, so undertaking carpet cleaning immediately will help to get rid of the stink. This guide will help you get the smell of dog urine out of your carpet.

21 March 2016

Creating the ideal bathroom for an aging homeowner

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While assisted living is an excellent option for elderly Australians who require a little extra help, many elderly people are happier living in their own home for as long as they can. If you're an aging homeowner, you may be making small changes to your home now to help you maintain your independence and mobility around the home. Bath If you're unsteady on your feet, having a bath or shower can be a worrisome daily task, with the constant fear of slipping over.

19 February 2016

Reasons to Invest In Basswood Shutters

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Shutters are a popular option for window treatments as they can be used both internally as well as externally. However, since these shutters come in an array of options, homeowners may find the task of selecting one particular type daunting. If you are looking for natural wood shutters for your home, then basswood shutters should be one of your considerations. The wood used for these shutters are characterised by a fine finish, so you can be assured that your wood shutters will have a uniform appearance.

19 February 2016

4 Notorious Insect Pests You Should Keep Out of Your Flower Garden

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Flowers are beautiful additions to any home garden. Without proper attention, however, flowers will not flourish. Foes of the home flower garden appear to be as many and as the different species of garden flowers available. Insect pests are not equally destructive; some insect pests usually cause more havoc in flower gardens than others. Home gardeners should continually be able to manage attacks by these insect pests to reduce the extent of damage.

8 February 2016

Cheap Ways Of Insulating Drafty Windows

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When it comes to keeping your home warm during the winter months, one important area to focus on is your windows.  Poorly insulated windows can allow a lot of precious heat to escape, leaving your rooms feeling chilly and drafty.  Replacing your windows with new sealed, double-glazed units is the best option, although if you can't afford to do this, there are other ways of insulating your window frames and sills.

26 January 2016

How to Clean Double Roller Blinds

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Double roller blinds are perfect for your home because they are able to blend into the architectural style of the home rather than appearing like a piece of decoration. But just like any other part of the house, double roller blinds are able to accumulate dust and small bugs as well as splashed foods. Fortunately, cleaning them is an easy task that only requires a short amount of time. Check the Care Label

15 January 2016

What You Should Know About Radiant Floor Heating

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Radiant floor heating is a type of in-floor heating that heats your home from the ground up, instead of going through vents and ducts in your home. This is done through a heat transfer system installed between the finishing layer and substrate layer of your flooring. Here are some things to know about this type of home heating system. There Are Different Types of Radiant Floor Heating The first thing you should know about this form of heating is that there are actually different methods.

31 December 2015

Looking Beyond the Energy-Efficiency of Using Double-glazed Windows: 3 Other Essential Benefits

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The main consideration behind the design of double-glazed windows is to improve energy-efficient in homes. That's why these window units have an extra layer of glass to provide insulation against the cold weather outside and keep your home warmer, especially during winter. Likewise, the insulation will protect your home against high temperatures outdoors by absorbing some of the solar heat burning through your windows during those excruciatingly hot, summer days. Besides associated energy-efficiency, double-glazed windows provide other essential benefits as well, including:

7 December 2015