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Why Having a New Home Built is Often Better than Buying One

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For those in the market for a new home, having a new home built can be the best choice. Not only can you have a home built that fits your needs and preferences in particular, there are many other advantages to this type of investment. If you’ve never thought about working with homebuilders rather than just buying a home on the market, consider why this is often the better choice. 1. You can choose energy-efficient options Older homes are often notorious for being drafty, and for having materials that are less than energy-efficient. This can include brittle roofing tiles, fiberglass insulation that has shrunken over the years, and thin windows that do nothing to insulate a home. When you have a new home built, you can choose energy-efficient options that save you money and which can also save the environment. Remember that the more electricity you use, the more pollution that’s created by power plants, so saving on your utilities also means saving the environment. Some choices for energy-efficient options for a new home might include a metal roof and blown foam insulation. You might also include double-glazed windows, low-flow toilets and urinals that use less water each time they’re flushed, zone thermostats that allow you to heat and cool certain areas of your home at one time, and tankless water heaters. All of these choices are easier to include with a new home build than to have installed in an older home, and they can save the environment and save you money on your utilities. 2. You won’t face major repairs or replacement for years Unless the home you consider buying has had a new roof installed, along with recent repair or replacement of major parts of the house, you will probably face repair bills not long after you buy the home. With a new home, you are much less likely to face major repair bills or need replacement for expensive items in your home within the first few years. Your new roof, foundation, appliances, flooring, and other parts of your home will be in good repair for several years when they’re brand new. This is an important consideration because many new homeowners may deplete their savings for their down payment, so when faced with these repairs they may need to go into debt to pay for them. Having a home that is in good repair for many years while you build up your savings again can be the best option for those in the market for a new home. Learn more about your options when it comes to building your home; consult with resources like Overland Homes to get...

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4 Key Design Techniques That Modern Home Builders Use to Make Your House Feel Spacious

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Although houses with beautiful rooms are enticing in the eyes of many homeowners, those with spacious rooms inveigle them more. If you feel like you can reach your closet from your bedroom mattress, it is because the bedroom is less spacious. Do you feel your living room is like a shoe box due to the surrounding clutter? Consider below design tricks that home builders use to make a room look more spacious. Placing Better and Bigger Windows Home builders use awesome design to place windows in your house to make the rooms look spacious or smaller. Bigger windows extend the indoors towards the outdoors more creatively and add adequate light to the rooms. Such windows give you a better view of your beautiful landscaping or swimming pools from the inside due to the spacious feeling they create. Also, using sliding glass doors with three-panel design will make your rooms look more spacious. Bonus Rooms Did you know that several rooms in your house that you rarely use do not make your house look spacious? Professional builders will help you change the narrow and dark traditional hallways, living room and dining room into useful rooms that will make your house look and feel spacious. The builders will design a retreat room off your bedroom, which you can use as a sitting area, TV room, office space or a workout facility. Moreover, the builders will design a planning centre room off your kitchen where you can drop your pay bills, keys, personal belongings and organize family meals. An everyday entry room off your garage could be another bonus room with enough space to keep your hats, coats, shoes, socks, belts, backpacks and bags you use to carry your game’s kit. Connectedness Your new home will feel spacious when the interior spaces such as the dining area, kitchen and family room connect to each other without wall interruptions. Any room will extend a unique feeling of spaciousness once its interior connects perfectly to the exterior. According to most professional home builders, you should use the same building materials for floors, ceilings and walls to make the room feel and look spacious. This does not only make small footprint look and feel bigger, but also gives a big footprint an exceptional luxurious feeling. By following these home design tricks, you can turn your seemingly cubicle-sized rooms into spacious as well as luxurious rooms. Consider consulting a professional home builder for advice on design tricks that will best suit your...

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Tips From the Decorating Pros for Choosing and Hanging New Curtains

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Choosing new curtains for a room can be more of a challenge than most homeowners realize, since curtains that are too large and too bold can overwhelm a space, whereas curtains that are too small or bland can easily blend into the wall and seem dull. Along with choosing a size and pattern, how you hang the curtains can also affect the overall look of the space. Note a few tips from decorating pros that will help you to find and hang new curtains in any room. 1. Stay Proportionate When It Comes to Size You may love the look of voluminous curtains but if your room is small, stick to simple curtain panels. These are rectangular and thinner and won’t take up so much space, and won’t overwhelm the room. One the other hand, for very large rooms, you want to choose curtains that are bolder and larger. Smaller curtain panels in large rooms can seem like an afterthought and may simply blend into the wall. Stay proportionate when it comes to the size of your room rather than choosing curtains whose look and size you like, and they’ll seem more fitting. 2. Choosing Pattern Versus Solid Materials Whether or not you should choose patterns versus solid materials for your curtains will depend on your furniture. If you have upholstered furniture in any type of pattern, it’s good to choose solid materials for your curtains so they don’t clash. However, if you have leather furniture or your furniture upholstery is not patterned, opt for curtains with a strong design. This will give your room some eye-catching appeal and you won’t find that the solid material of your curtains clashes with the solid material of your sofa. 3. How to Hang the Curtains When hanging curtains, homeowners often make the mistake of aligning the curtains with the frame of the window. This is actually not how professional decorator hang curtains, as they often hang them much higher and wider than the windows themselves. This is to make the windows actually seem larger than they are; when you hang curtains higher up on the wall, this draws the eyes up so that the windows seem taller. Hanging curtains wider than the window frame can also make the windows seem wider. This too ensures the curtains don’t interfere with the windows themselves when they’re opened; if you hang them in line with the window frame, they will still block out some of the window when fully opened. Hang your curtains higher and wider than your windows for maximum visual appeal. For more information, contact Miraje Home Decor & Soft...

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How to Give Your Kitchen a New Professionally Done Face-Lift

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Thinking about professionally renovating or face-lifting your home’s kitchen with a new and refreshing sense of style but still undecided about where to begin? You don’t have to get so worked up about it. All you have to do is follow the checklist below: Identify Your Design Style What type of style do you wish your kitchen area to depict? Are you an old-fashioned individual who wishes to add the timeless elegance of traditional wood finishes in the kitchen or a thoroughly trendy person who loves trying out the latest kitchen designs in the market? Or perhaps, you are one of those homeowners who wish to have a taste of both modernity and antiquity by using transitional type kitchen designs. Regardless, determining the right design style is the first step towards achieving that dream kitchen look that you’ve always wanted in your home. Choosing a specific design style will help you identify the right type of flooring, lighting, cabinetry, paint colours, faucets, curtains and any other fittings to integrate into your new kitchen. If you don’t have any special design style in mind, you can find a useful number of ideas on the internet and in interior home design magazines. Prepare a Budget Now that you have identified the design style that you want to incorporate into your kitchen, how much money are you willing to spend in order to make sure that you accomplish your goal? In essence, you should prepare a budget outlining the amount of money that is allocated to every phase of the project. Working according to a set budget allows you to spend sparingly at every stage of the project and, thus, minimises the risk of running out on cash before you are done with renovating the kitchen. Get a Contractor Since you’ve already identified your preferred style and come up with a budget, you are now ready to look for a contractor (such as Caliber Kitchens) who can meet your expectations at an agreeable price. Whenever possible, pick a contractor via the personal recommendation of friends, relatives or neighbours who have undertaken a home makeover project similar in nature to yours in recent times. However, be sure to book appointments to consult many potential contractors and ask them to make and present written bids for your kitchen remodel. At minimum, each bid should provide information about the extent of the work involved, price charged, warranties, certifications, references, and deadlines. Don’t select a bid just because it is quoted the lowest since that doesn’t assure it is the best option for your project. Therefore, make sure that you find out what costs haven’t been incorporated to help discover any would-be hidden...

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3 Surprising Reasons It’s Better to Call a Locksmith Than Trying to Break Into a Home or Car

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If you’ve been locked out of your home or car, you may be tempted to try to break back in; after all, if it’s your home or car then you can legally open a window or try to pick the locks all you want. While you may assume that trying to save the cost of a locksmith is a good choice, you might consider some surprising reasons why it’s better to call a professional like Ameen’s Locksmith. This can be the safer and even more cost-effective option when you’ve been locked out of either a home or car. 1. A locksmith can change the locks on the spot When you’ve misplaced your keys, it’s easy for someone to let themselves into your home even that very night. If you’ve misplaced those keys along with your identification, such as if you’ve lost your purse or have had your coat or gym bag stolen with your wallet inside, they don’t even need to try to track you down; they know where you live and have the keys to your house! A locksmith can change your locks on the spot so you’re secure in your own home and don’t need to worry about finding those lost keys. 2. Breaking in can be hazardous Breaking into a car is not like you see in the movies; trying to pry open the locks can often mean a broken car window, and this can result in cuts and gashes. Breaking into your own home can also be hazardous; you would need to climb over a window frame and this can be difficult, and even more so if you need to climb onto the kitchen counter or should trip and topple over furniture in the room. One slip on a child’s toy under the window and you may wind up with a twisted knee or ankle. 3. Repairing a broken window or other items can be expensive Along with the danger of being hurt by a broken car window or if you should topple over furniture while trying to climb through a window of your home, repairing or replacing these items can be expensive. The cost of a new car window or of replacing a television that was on the entertain center you knocked over when you crawled into your home can often be more than the cost of a locksmith. This too is why it’s good to call them in the first place so they can get you into your home quickly and...

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Tips On Choosing The Best Blinds

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Blinds do much more than create privacy, they are also a way to express your personality and creativity, and they can be used to add a glamorous feel to your home. All these qualities make blinds such an important component of the home, and before selecting the right ones for your home, ensure that they blend with your interior and match your practical needs. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision. Limited wall space If your home has got limited wall space, you’d be doing yourself a huge favor by getting roll up blinds. These kinds of blinds let in maximum sunlight by rolling up to the top of your window, and they create maximum space for it too. This will give you the opportunity to utilize the most amount of sunlight in your day, and they don’t interfere with any treatments that you may have on your window. Wide windows If you’ve got sliding doors or wide window expanses, then you will certainly benefit from vertical blinds. These blinds are designed to stack off at the sides of the windows and can be opened to the left, right or from the middle. Vertical blinds also do a good job when you are looking out for your furniture and want to prevent their damage from too much sunlight. Lighting in the room Selecting the right blind also lies in your choice of how much light you want to let in. If you are a particularly private person, or you want to keep your bedroom away from prying eyes, get blinds that close tightly. Blinds like venetian blinds give you total control of the light and enable you to adjust the angle of the blind depending on the amount of light you want to let in or the time of day it is. Closing them completely shuts out light, and opening them fully floods the room with maximum amount of rays. Style and personality Blinds are a good way to express yourself and add décor to your home. Roman blinds can give you a contemporary feel while still adding elegance, and aluminum blinds are best when you want to make a statement. They give a modern stylistic feel to your home. Wooden blinds can give you a softer feel. They can be used to bring out a vintage vibe when finished light, while dark wood blinds create a modern and sleek feel. For more information, contact a business such as Cost Less Decor...

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How to fix a leaking frameless shower screen

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Frameless shower screens have gained popularity over the past few years as they blend seamlessly into any bathroom decor and can make bathrooms seem larger by not creating a visual barrier. The joint between the screen walls are less prone to leakage, but unfortunately the door jam can be a common source of leakage. Here is how to fix a leaking frameless shower screen. Give the shower a really good cleaning and remove soap and product building, as well as any other dirt that has built up on the screen. This will help you clearly identify which sections are leaking. Turn on the shower and shut the door quickly. (You may get a little wet doing this!) While the shower is on, feel the seals of the shower walls and door, and mark any damp sections with a small circle or sticky dot. If the shower is not showing any leakage at this point, but you know that it is leaking, the issue may be that the shower spray in your unit is markedly different when someone is in the shower rather than an empty unit. You can either jump in the shower for a few minutes then go back to feeling around for leaks or call a friend to jump in the shower (in a bathing suit!). Dry the shower unit fully and examine your leak points. If they already have silicon caulking in place, remove the caulking with an extremely sharp knife. Clean the areas where you will be applying caulking over leaks with a glass cleaner, then carefully applying 100% silicon caulking to any leaks. (You can purchase 100% silicon caulking at any large hardware store.) If you do not fully clean and dry the unit, the silicon may not fully adhere and you may get more leaks. If the shower is still leaking from the floor level, this is a more serious issue. You should call the installer of the shower unit, as this can be an installation or manufacturing fault. Wait until the silicon has fully cured (usually 12-24 hours) before using the shower again. After your first shower in the unit, feel the walls around the shower to see if the repairs have sealed tight. If the leaks are still not sealing, it is a good idea to call the company that installed the frameless shower screen (if you had it installed) or a shower screen repairer if you did not arrange the...

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Advantages Of Relying On Ice Makers For Your Cooling Needs

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Cooling is a big part of most commercial businesses. This applies to the hospitality sector, manufacturing and processing. The right cooling option for your business can help ease maintenance costs and improve service delivery, placing you a step ahead of the competition. Learn why ice makers are the right products to help you achieve just that. Get as much ice as you need Although refrigerators produce ice, it is hardly enough for commercial applications. Ice makers on the other hand are meant to provide bulk amounts of ice. Commercial ice makers can produce up to 500 pounds of ice daily, ensuring that you have all the ice your business needs. This is important for industries that need lots of ice daily. This includes businesses such as restaurants, pubs, clubs, retail stores, medical centers and industrial processors of food products. Producing the needed amounts of ice, and fast, ensures that these businesses provide the needed services to their clientele. It also keeps perishable goods from going bad. There are no emergencies with ice makers Unlike electrical refrigeration, ice once processed cannot go bad or stop cooling your products in an instant. Once packaged into coolers, ice can keep your products cold for many hours to come. However, with electricity, your cooling can be disrupted at random, either due to repairs and maintenance or electricity disruption. This makes ice makers better for critical industries such as medical and food processing since you can process your ice and store it. Alternatively, you can have your ice maker as a back-up in case electrical refrigeration fails. Great for the hospitality sector With certain businesses such as clubs, restaurants and hotels, clients want to serve their own ice and cool their drinks to their own satisfaction. This makes refrigeration redundant as there is no need to cool drinks twice through refrigeration and ice. Since the customer will opt for ice cooling, it makes more sense to simply have an ice maker and provide that option in the first place. This will improve service delivery and keep customer satisfaction levels high. Cool only when you need to and save money For most businesses, cooling is geared towards meeting the customers’ needs. However, instead of cooling products such as drinks 24/7, ice makers let you cool these products when you need to serve them to clients. This avoids elongated cooling, saving you hours of electricity consumption. Ice makers will therefore save you on costs as you simply cool your products on-demand instead of all the time. There are different types of ice makers available to suit every business. They range in capacity and type of ice produced with the option of flakes and ice cubes. Get the right one for your business and stay ahead of the pack. Visit for more...

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How to Prepare for Your First Night after Moving

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Many people spend a lot of time hiring a removal company and forget to prepare for their first night once they get to their new home. This leads to a lot of stress as they spend many hours looking for different items (such as cooking utensils) that they need to use on that first night. This article gives you tips on how to prepare for that first night after the removal company delivers your belongings to your new address. Items to Get the House Ready You need to pack a box or two with items that you know will be needed to get the new home habitable. These items fall into two broad categories so it is advisable that you pack them in separate boxes if possible. The first category is that of cleaning products. You need to have these items close by so that you quickly get to work cleaning the rooms that you will use on that first night, such as the bedrooms and the kitchen. The products for this job include paper towels, all-purpose cleaning agents and a sponge. Feel free to add any other cleaning items that you think are necessary to have in this handy box. The second category of items that you need to get the house ready for your use is tools. You need not have your entire toolbox for this purpose, as that will defeat the objective of isolating only the essentials that are needed on that first night. Just pick tools like a screwdriver, a wrench, some nails and a hammer to get things like blinds and curtains for privacy up. Items That Your Family Members Need Once you have put together the items that you need to get the house ready, turn your attention to what you (and your family members) will need on that first night. These items can also be packed in one or two boxes, depending on how numerous they are. Note that the fewer those items are, the easier it will be for you to use them since the house will be chaotic once all your belongings are offloaded from the removal truck. Pack toilet paper, medicines, bandages and disposable dining items such as disposable plates and cutlery. These will suffice when you have that first meal once you arrive at the new home. Keep these first night boxes near you during the removal so that they are easy to locate once you arrive at your new home. Talk to the staff of the removal company such as AA Furniture Removals to give you additional advice on what to include in these boxes so that your first night is...

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Renovations For Small Bathrooms

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One of the best ways to increase the value of your property and improve its salability is to renovate the bathroom. Particularly if the bathroom is small, modern designs can make it more functional and visually appealing. Here are techniques that will give your tiny bathroom some much-needed sparkle. Fit For A King Visit some bathroom showrooms, collect ideas and then consult your bathroom renovator for expert advice. The following changes will give the illusion of space to your bathroom. Shower screen: Install a see-through frameless or semi-frameless shower screen to increase light and give a walk-in shower effect. Choose a sliding door rather than a pivot door to add space. Sink and toilet fittings: Mount these to the wall so that more floor area is exposed, making your bathroom appear larger. Storage space: Have storage space for bottles, towels and other bathroom accessories recessed into the walls. Niches in the shower area are especially practical and space-saving. This will remove the need for a bulky bathroom cabinet that greatly reduces the aesthetics of your bathroom. If reframing your walls is too costly or complex, install floating shelves on the wall near your sink. A larger medicine cabinet will also provide more storage. Light:  A full-length, clear window which looks out onto a private courtyard garden will make your bathroom look spacious. If this is impractical, gain natural light and a sense of space by installing a large window with opaque glass or by installing a skylight. Door:  Replacing your hinged door with a slider will immediately add an extra metre to your bathroom. The Grand Scheme Colours, materials and accessories can make your tiny bathroom look positively palatial. Use these clever tricks to your advantage. A towering, king-sized mirror that sweeps up to the ceiling adds depth. Place a row of lights across the top to enhance the illusion. Using glass jars for storage will ensure that the colours of the room are not broken up.  Keep tiles or paint the same colour throughout the whole bathroom. Choose cheerful, light colours such as pale pink and yellow with a touch of sheen. Transitions such as those between the wall and floor should be as seamless as possible. Tiles should run all the way to the ceiling so that space is not chopped up. By creating your new minimalist bathroom, you will impress visitors and potential buyers alike. Follow this advice and your bathroom will be a sweeping success. For more information, contact a company such as Choice...

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