Cheap ways to redo your kitchen floors

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The kitchen floor is one of the major parts of the home that receives intense traffic. Additionally, they withstand a lot of abuse too. Hot water spills and cooked food stains may cause the floor to lose the lustre it had when new and make it look quite cloudy. So what do you do on this scenario? It's simple: Give the floor a resurfacing and the makeover will be much cheaper than installing a new floor.

6 July 2015

3 Surprising Tips for Increasing Home Security

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Increasing your home security can mean an alarm system and thick deadbolts on all the doors; these are the best ways to deter thieves and alert you to an intruder. Outside lights on motion detectors can also scare away trespassers. While these are popular choices, there are many other ways to increase your home's security and to secure your valuables. Note a few surprising tips you might consider using around your home and property:

1 July 2015

3 Tips for Planning Your Patio

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Adding a patio to your garden gives you a place to sit and relax, socialise or dine during the summer months, but it should be planned out with care. It's going to be a main feature in your garden for years to come, so take the time to consider how to make the most of your available space. Here are three tips for planning your new patio: Position Carefully Observe where your garden gets most sun and which areas have several hours of shade throughout the day.

9 June 2015

What You Can Do To Improve The Cooling Effect Of Your Split System AC

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A split system air conditioning unit is one that does not rely on ducts to move conditioned air from one point to another. Instead, the split system has only two parts: an external unit made up of the compressor and a grill-like part that is placed inside the room. Read on to find out what you can do if your split system AC is not cooling your room as you would want it to.

22 May 2015

4 Benefits of a Ducted Air Conditioning System

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When you're trying to decide whether to install a ducted AC system, or a split-system AC in your new home, you have to weigh a lot of factors, including price, the size of your home and cooling options. The main difference between a ducted system, also known as central air, and a split-system, is that central air requires you to install ductwork in your walls, ceilings or floors, which isn't necessary with a split-system.

4 May 2015

Why Having a New Home Built is Often Better than Buying One

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For those in the market for a new home, having a new home built can be the best choice. Not only can you have a home built that fits your needs and preferences in particular, there are many other advantages to this type of investment. If you've never thought about working with homebuilders rather than just buying a home on the market, consider why this is often the better choice.

20 April 2015

4 Key Design Techniques That Modern Home Builders Use to Make Your House Feel Spacious

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Although houses with beautiful rooms are enticing in the eyes of many homeowners, those with spacious rooms inveigle them more. If you feel like you can reach your closet from your bedroom mattress, it is because the bedroom is less spacious. Do you feel your living room is like a shoe box due to the surrounding clutter? Consider below design tricks that home builders use to make a room look more spacious.

7 April 2015